Broken but Beautiful

A personal story of rejection, abuse, sexuality, mental disorientation and failure and still the definition of BEAUTY in the midst of it all.

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Broken but Beautiful

About Book

Have you been hurt?
Have you lost your voice?
Have you been broken, rejected or have you been struggling to make sense of your life decisions?
You have definitely come to the right place.
The book "BROKEN BUT BEAUTIFUL" was made for you.

In this story of Brokeness (Rejection, Sexuality, Mental disorientation, Failure), you see the definition of a Beauty that only comes from God.
The book has three major goals:
* Helps you start your healing journey
* Gives you your voice back
* Helps you generate practical ways to living a more intentional and fulfilling life.

The book shows that the reason for so much brokenness is that broken people spread their brokenness and there's a need to break the cycle for a generation to be free, doing this one person at a time.

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If you really enjoy reading or you don't really enjoy reading, this book is for you because it's a short story of the years of struggle of the Author.

It can literally be finished in an hour or less as it is less than 55 pages and it will be worth your time.

This book is for parents, teenagers, teachers or leaders, men and women. All categories of people can read this book.

Also as mentioned earlier,

  • If you have ever been broken or hurt.

  • If you think you are healed from your past hurts but there's still lots of regrets and you still see your decisions affecting your life negatively.

  • If you want a mental shift on who you are

  • If you think you fail at everything and you don't see anything good coming out from you.

  • If you want to know about how to deal with other people hurting.

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About Author

Vera Alex, often referred to as Coach Vee is a life coach, an Author, a Preacher and a Speaker on topics that enable young men and women enjoy a fulfilling life through the process of letting go and emotional wellness not just in theory but practical as she believes wholeness begins from the mind.

She engages her audience by sharing personal stories and insights with so much passion. She is a graduate of the Immerse Coaching Company and she continues to grow in her field.

Vera Alex

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